Class IX Modules

Number Theory IX

From Basics To RMO

3 Months Course

Olympiad IX

Lets Learn Counting

6 Months Course


Where Functions Are Variables

6 Months Course

Advanced Geometry IX

Beyond Euclid & Ptolemy

3 Months Course

Advanced Algebra IX

From Identities To Inequalities

3 Months Course

Arithmetic IX

How Drawing Helps

3 Months Course

IX General Syllabi

  • introduction to triangles, congruence, isosceles triangle, equilateral triangle, right angled triangle
  • circles, chords, angles, segments, other related concepts.
  • quadrilateral properties, parallelogram, cyclic quadrilateral, advanced triangle results.
  • factorisation, identities, conditional identities, indices, ratio and proportion, linear equations - one and two variables.
  • theory of quadratic equations, graphs of straight lines, trinomials, section and distance formula
  • set theory, divisibility, hcf, lcm, euclid's algorithm, bezout's formula, modulus operation and relation, congruence
  • polynomials, remainder theorem, factor theorem, inequalities.
  • trigonometry introduction, ratio of angles, elimination, arithmetic
  • incircle, outcircle, circumcircle, area of triangle, quadrilateral and parallelograms
  • .

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