Class VII Modules

Number Theory VII

From Basics To RMO

3 Months Course

Olympiad VII

Lets Learn Counting

6 Months Course


Where Functions Are Variables

6 Months Course

Geometry VII

Beyond Euclid & Ptolemy

3 Months Course

Advanced Algebra VII

From Identities To Inequalities

3 Months Course

Arithmetic VII

How Drawing Helps

3 Months Course

VII General Syllabi

  • whole numbers, natural numbers, integers, properties of numbers, the number line
  • fractions, decimals, terminating decimals, continued fractions
  • rational numbers, irrational numbers, reduction of fractions, prime numbers, prime factors.
  • algebraic identities, inequalities, hcf, lcm, algebraic operations, prodcut of three numbers- an extension.
  • linear equations, harder multiplication, harder division, algebraic fractions
  • even numbers, odd numbers, triangles with integer sides, triangle inequality
  • triangle and its properties, quadrilaterals- classification and characterization
  • area and volumes of simple geometric figures.
  • unitary method, percentage, profit and loss, time and distance
  • .

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