Class X Modules

Number Theory X

From Basics To RMO

3 Months Course

Olympiad X

Lets Learn Counting

3 Months Course


How Drawing Helps

3 Months Course

Advanced Geometry X

Beyond Euclid & Ptolemy

3 Months Course

Advanced Algebra X

From Identities To Inequalities

3 Months Course

Arithmetic X

Where Functions Are Variables

3 Months Course

X General Syllabi

  • similar triangles, ratio and proportion, circle, tangents
  • area of circle, sphere, cone, secant, polygons.
  • volume of cube, cone, cylinder, sphere.
  • harder factors and identities, harder simultaneous equations, indices, logarithm
  • sequence, ap, gp, hp, telescopic sums
  • higher inequality, binomial coefficients, binomial theorem
  • relations and mapping, straight lines, trigonometry of angles, property of triangles
  • matrices and determinants, theory of quadratic equations
  • .

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