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how we plan your kid's success

we prepare your kid to excel in maths exams at all levels

kids are forced to learn in groups. at school kids attend lectures in groups. at tutorial centres, kids are again forced to learn in a group atmosphere. does this really help the kid? unluckily, the answer is NO.

each kid has his / her own set of queries and questions. they need these answered. in a group setup it is not possible to answer all the queries. as a result the kids do not benefit. hence sonkhya was born.

we teach mathematics with individual care and attention

1. understand your kid's need!

each kid has his or her own set of questions. using or propietory Milestone-Maths methodology we create a mental map and try to understand and unearth the underlying issue a kid is having while studying maths.

2. create a study map

we create a study plan for your kid. itemised small mathematical tasks are assigned so that the basics and fundamental principles of mathematics are exposed to the kid in a simple and lucid form.

3. apply knowledge

every week a test is organised. at every step we monitor the improvement in knowledge acquisition and application of the knowledge.

The coursework is available to our paid subscribers and in-premise students only

you must believe yourself

cool tools to increase your understanding of mathematics

multiple choice questions

preparing you for the final day

view from the top

questions to test your comprehension


just another grill

subjective questions

when you know the subject

graphical questions

lets draw and not fry

cook book

increasing your mental fitness

learn anytime, anywhere.

as you understand the concepts in a simple way, your fear of mathematics will be gone. you will know how to overcome the challenges.

make your breaks and commutes more productive with sonkhyaconcept app. it is free. download our android app.

an exam is just a test, learning is the exam of life!!!
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